Site Shout: Ministry Click

Spent some time on the phone recently with Eric McFarland, founder of MinistryClick is a newly developed Christian job posting site. There is something that sets this site apart from the rest - clean drinking water.
  • Each time you visit they will donate one DAY of clean drinking water to someone in Africa.
  • When someone uploads their resume for FREE on the site, they will donate one MONTH of clean drinking water for someone in Africa.
  • Each time a church registers on they will donate one YEAR of clean drinking water.
  • When a church lists a ministry job on the site, the organization will donate TEN YEARS of clean drinking water for someone in Africa.
Ministry Jobs + MinistryClick = Water for Africa. It's just that simple.
Check them out today [here] ... and tell them I sent you.

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3 Responses to “Site Shout: Ministry Click”

  1. # Blogger Rob

    I'm not looking for a job, but that is a great resource. I'll pass it on to my friends that are. Thanks!  

  2. # Blogger John

    Awesome Win Win Situation  

  3. # Anonymous Michael Goodsteer

    I had no idea this was around. A great site that gives back, helps churches, and shows the world what Christians are about in a positive way.

    We will put our next worship leader job here.  

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