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A couple of years ago I had never heard of Orange. I mean, I like oranges... but this is a conference we're talking about. Actually, more than that. It's thought leaders, curriculum, resources, and more.
Then, I started talking to some of my closest friends in ministry... who happened to be some of those very leaders and I realized that I had been oblivious to something unique. I mean, some of my friends plan their calendars around Orange for crying out loud! No kidding.
And this year... well, I may become an Orange... er ... I mean, partake of the Orange?
Yes -- for the first time ever I'll be attending the Orange Conference.
I've been asked by the coordinators of Orange to do some LIVE BLOGGING during the event and I'll be sharing my experience with readers all over the world. This means I'll be blogging my thoughts, experiences and yes, even some backstage interviews with the speakers and presenters.
I'll be headed to Atlanta at the end of April. Won't you join me? Take a look at the experience from 2010 in the video that follows and see what you're missing out on.
And [enter here] for your chance to win FREE AIRFARE & REGISTRATION to the Orange Conference!

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