#SYMC Speaker Notes - Ruth Haley Barton

What is the current state of your soul?
  • When leaders lose their soul so do the churches and organizations they serve.
  • It takes deep wisdom to see that you've lost your soul and when you actually recognize it, its too late to retrieve it.
  • Ruth told the story about losing her credit card and the "panic" she felt. Leaders must treat this with the same sense of urgency as when you lose your credit card.
  • Sometimes we get to the place where we recognize that we've gotten disconnected from God. In these moments we need to seek him.
5 Things Moses experienced that helped strengthen him in his life & ministry...
(1) Solitude became the place of conversion.
-The only leadership experience Moses got was 40 days with God in the wilderness.
(2) Pay attention to His voice
-Stop the flow of your words and listen to His.
(3) God speaks and clarifies your calling
- God is calling us to be where we are and transcend who we are
-Use your times of solitude to wrestle with God
(4) Intercession
-There is an interesting rhythm Moses had. The people would complain and he went to God with it.
-The people recognized God's presence in his life when he went into the tent of meeting. They would bow in reverence.
(5) God's presence becomes the foundation of our lives
-Moses would have said "the promise land pales in comparison to your presence."
-I believe Moses was satisfied with not going into the promise land because God's presence was so fulfilling for him.
-Too often we run ahead of God's presence with our own vision
-Moses found that his promise land was the nearness of God.

This post contains my notes from the general session at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

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