If you cannot join us in Chicago this weekend for the Simply Conference you can still follow the action. Here are a few options for you:
1) Visit SimplyYouthMinistry.tv - the conference site just launched so you can catch the general sessions and watch the LIVE Simply YM Podcast.
2) Follow the #SYMC tweets on twitter. I'll definitely be tweeting like a mad man...
3) Follow my blog (as I'll be blogging throughout the conference). I plan to do a few posts throughout the conference and I hope to interview a few folks while I'm here.
4) Check the comments of this post. I'm encouraging my #SYMC friends to leave links to their blogs in the comment field so you can follow their coverage too.

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7 Responses to “#SYMC LIVE!”

  1. # Blogger Matt Murphy

    I am kicking off my Blog this weekend. http://shadowengager.blogspot.com/  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    sweet Matt! welcome to the blogosphere!


  3. # Blogger Matt Murphy

    I'm going to start blogging today! http://shadowengager.blogspot.com/  

  4. # Anonymous Ben Read

    I'll be blogging some over at smalltownstudentministry.com this weekend  

  5. # Anonymous Brent Lacy

    I'll be blogging and giving stuff away at #symc from HTTP://ministryplace.net
    Can't wait to connect Terrace!  

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