#SYMC Speaker Notes - Louie Giglio

What kind of culture are you creating around you?
  • These 3 elements should exist in the culture you are creating: Humility, Honor, Jesus.
  • Revelation 1:9
  • When God gives glimpses of who he is people fall down.
  • Let me skip to the end of the message because I won't get there. "It's all about Jesus!"
  • My definition of "Humility" is this: Humility is seeing God.
  • Humility is really the preamble to greatness (not that you will be a rock star... but that you will be laying ground work for a great work of God in your life)
  • What is critical to creating a culture of humility in your life is whether or not you have your eyes fixed on Jesus or not.
  • Jesus stood up in our place when no one else would. That is honor!
  • There are so many broken people in our world today.
  • People are looking for "that" place where others are honored.
This post contains my notes from the general session at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

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  1. # Blogger Toyin O.

    So true, very crucial three element, especially Jesus, thanks for sharing.  

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