Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...
This is the Manic Monday Minute...
  • Just another Manic Monday...
  • Great weekend. How about you?
  • I am enjoying the weather.
  • I like the time change too. Me and DST get along real well.
  • Why does everyone freak out about losing an hour of sleep? I mean, its just an hour. And if you are that concerned about it why don't you go to sleep earlier? I never get the emotion over DST.
  • Apparently I missed the fact that today was National Napping Day too.
  • Been having some great conversations since #SYMC2011
  • It's amazing the conversations that happen at conferences but don't end there.
  • By the way, are we connected on Facebook?
  • I had a meeting earlier today with students at ChickFila. While we were there the Cow decided to join our meeting. He literally sat down for 15 minutes with us.
  • Gave away a Kindle last week right here. Hope you're following along with my blog. You never know what surprises I will share along the way...
  • Putting together a sermon series I'm pretty stoked about. Can't wait to share.
  • Praying for the people of #Japan. So sad what we're seeing.
  • Saw this video earlier today. It's first-person footage of a tsunami.
  • Downloaded the Oregon Trail app the other day. It takes me back to 4th grade! My teachers use to never be able to pull me away from the computer when I played that game.
  • Having such amazing ministry right now to students during our STORY series. Each week we're giving up the mic to teens who want to share. Unbelievable community has formed right before our eyes and God has been glorified.
  • Loving my work with ChurchLeaders. They are great people to work with.
  • If you run across articles or videos that you think would really be a great fit for our site would you please email it to me? I'd be grateful and give you credit for the link too.
  • Gas. I hate these prices. We all do. I may start the drilling myself.
  • Looking forward to seeing some of my friends on the WinterJam tour as they come through our area this weekend.
  • Met Matt with R04R recently. He's doing an amazing job designing mobile apps (and web apps) for churches and orgs.
  • Looks like UFC has found their golden boy.
  • I make so many jokes about the "Taco Party" (from the AT&T commercial) that me & 2 friends decided to throw one. Last Friday good times were had. We'll be doing it again soon I hope.
  • Really enjoy Matt Maher's music.
  • If you are new here to the blog, welcome. Feel free to subscribe [here]
  • Thanks for reading. I sign off with this... stay classy.


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