Francis Chan: Erasing Hell [Video]

Today you'll probably see Francis Chan's latest video all over the internet. In this video Chan talks about the subject of Hell and why we can't afford to get it wrong. His highly anticipated book, Erasing Hell, will release on July 5th... but you can download the introduction to the book [here], courtesy of

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4 Responses to “Francis Chan: Erasing Hell [Video]”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Is this a response to Rob Bell's book, Love Wins?  

  2. # Blogger Rob

    Def looking forward to his book. Seems like an answer to Love Wins.  

  3. # Blogger Sacred Outfitter

    Can't wait to read the book! Thanks for posting TC!  

  4. # Blogger Sacred Outfitter

    Can't wait to read the book TC!  

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