Remember the Time?

The day I went into the bank and I was called over to the side by one of the loan officers who said "Hey baby, you want to do some Karaoke?!" and I responded "uh... this is a bank!?" Here is the rest of the story . . .

Officer: "I know but its party time!"
Me: "Well, um, do you win any prizes?"
(A second loan officer rushes over some lollipops)
Second Officer: "Ok, here is some prizes!"
Me: "Cool! I'm IN..."
(Loan officer hands me a Christmas CD with 16 different song selections)
Officer: "Ok, watcha wanna sing?"
Me: "Hmm... I don't know. What would you like me to sing?"
Officer: "Ooh... I like you, baby, you are versatile!"
(I try to suppress my laughter at this point)
Me: "How about I sing 'Little Drummer Boy'? Thats a classic."
(Music starts... I began to sing...)
(My head turns to the right to see bank tellers clapping)
(Officer takes pictures like she is the paparazzi)
Third officer: (Shouting from her cubicle)"Ooh... you didn't tell us you were in the choir!"
(Music concludes)

Wow, what a wild experience at the bank. It certainly was cool. Yea, I remember that time. I remember it because it happened yesterday.


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