Happy Holydays.

Sometimes I really hate the holidays.

We've become so consumed with ourselves that we often forget the reason for the season... and that cliche has been SO over-used that we blow right past it many times.

When I see things in focus it really gets me excited. I love what the folks at Advent Conspiracy are doing. You should check it out. An entire ministry focused on helping people become less focused on consumption... more on compassion.

I created an entire series around this.
I call it "Happy Holydays."

The word HOLIDAY is found in the scriptures in the book of Esther. The scriptures tell us that the people celebrated "the Holidays" with the giving of gifts... but what is interesting is that they were giving gifts of food... and their primary giving was to those who were poor.

Our days (not just around Advent) should be HOLY. They should mean something. Aren't you tired of the run-of-the-mill days where nothing is accomplished? Days where NOTHING changes? Weeks go by. Months go by. Nothing is gained. Nothing learned. I'm sick of it.

I truly want to make an impact! I want to share my life with people... and be so filled with compassion that I point others to Christ. If we are only consumed with ourselves we have no room for anyone else, much less Christ Jesus. If we get this our days become holy. They become sacred. An offering of worship to God. We then truly live out Romans 12:1-2 that says "offer your bodies as living and holy sacrifices to God, which is acceptable to Him, this is your spiritual act of worship."

When I see individuals, fellowships, churches, companies doing this... it does my heart good. I've heard good things recently about Revolution Church who are making this kind of difference by reaching out to hundreds of people in their area with the love of Christ. Their testimonies are touching.

I also enjoyed a blog by Darrin Patrick of the Journey church who apparently feels the same way I do.

My Happy Holyday series is underway at Common Ground on Thursday evenings in Virginia Beach.

May your days to come be holy.

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