NYWC 2007 Highlights

YS Convention Highlights (random order)

  • Getting to hear so many great speakers!
  • Being challenged by messages they spoke! I recommend you order here.
  • Connecting with youth ministry friends from around the country.
  • Road trip! (Although rather exhausting on way back)
  • Time 2 be refreshed. Must be refreshed.
  • Atlanta.
  • Meeting many of YS Staff for first time.
  • Very impressed with Doug Fields upon meeting him. He is the real deal.
  • Bloggin.
  • Podcasting with Dave Daniels.
  • Reconnecting with Steve Fee, Duffy Robbins, and Tommy and Eddie - The Skit Guys.
  • Laughing.
  • Finger Blaster (Rocket) War.
  • All the freebies!
  • Incredible music | corporate worship times.
  • Networking.
  • Eating.
  • Might I add, eating at The Varsity was a highlight until my friend's car got booted. Wasn't so happy about that or the $50 fine.
  • Walking away excited about ministry.

    Click here to visit our NYWC podcast.

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