WiBo Tweets

If you want to follow all of the tweet messages surrounding WhiteBoard you should bookmark this link.

If you’re not familiar with #hashtags, it’s a service that allows you put #(anything) in a tweet and create a feed of everyone who mentions anything WiBo here at http://www.hashtags.org/tag/WiBo/

If you are attending WiBo and want to get more out of your experience follow these simple steps:

  • Follow www.twitter.com/hashtags (you have to follow them to make it work)
  • Include #wibo on all twitters about the conference and while you’re there
  • Text “track #wibo” to your Twitter account for all updates
  • Visit http://www.hashtags.org/tag/WiBo/ to see all of the updates
    This will allow you to receive all tweets with the phrase “WiBo” in it, allowing people to connect while there and see who is talking about the conference. Also makes it easier to do lunches and late-night meet ups.

    I have signed up and it seems to be a pretty good tool -- if you can bear with the delay it has in posting.

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  • 5 Responses to “WiBo Tweets”

    1. # Blogger Cathy Harwick

      Twitter not working but I will be at Wibo.  

    2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Cathy- Well, you know Twitter is touch-n-go these days because of the traffic. See you @ WiBo!  

    3. # Blogger Cathy Harwick

      I look forward to meeting you!  

    4. # Anonymous Chris Reeder

      Hashtags work pretty good! Glad you guys are doing this for those unable to attend.  

    5. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Cathy - Likewise.
      @Chris - It was pretty slow initially but I've seen the margin on the response time tighten a bit today so I'm more excited about it.  

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