50,000 Shoes - an update

On November 11th I joined hundreds of other bloggers in a grassroots effort to help raise 50,000 shoes in just 50 days. . .

Since that time SolesforShoes has sweetened the pot for those who donate:

  • The person who donates the most shoes this week will win an autographed Amy Grant guitar
  • With every pair of shoes you donate you’re entered for a chance to hand deliver your shoes in person on a Soles4Souls trip to Mexico!
  • If you donate $25 (10 pairs of shoes) or more you will receive a free jar of “Save My Sole” foot cream compliments of one of the corporate sponsors, Underology.
  • There is a 1-for-2 match going right now. That means that if only 1000 shoes are donated by 11:59 pm on December 13th, a sponsor will donate an additional 500 shoes!

    Please, go donate. Only 18 days remain!
    Your help is appreciated.


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