You Tubesday

Today's You Tubesday post is a throwback to yesteryear when my good friend Dave and I use to do a little podcast called Out to Lunch. This was our first recording [a special Christmas edition] and quite the fan favorite.

What is most hilarious about this whole thing is that we actually got emails from people who viewed this on the web asking if they could purchase the CD! We could not believe it.

RSS Subscribers: There is video here.

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3 Responses to “You Tubesday”

  1. # Blogger Rob

    I couldn't find the website. Is it still up somewhere in cyberspace?  

  2. # Blogger Michael Bayne

    I at the meeting where this was shown...this changed my life...I owe it all to out to lunch  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Rob - The official site is no longer live. The videos are only available via YouTube.
    @Bayne - I remember that day. I remember the day after also when we baptized you.


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