Rick Warren on The Inauguration

Pastor Rick Warren was asked by Barack Obama to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration next month. After this announcement was made the media fire storm started and things soon got ugly. The public began to chime in and comments even had to be shut down on some of the press blogs.

I honestly could not believe the drama. I do understand that a lot of the hype came from the fallout from Warren's stance on Proposition 8 but did it really have to get this ugly over someone praying before the ceremony? We have hit a new low point in America. Seriously. Obama has made it clear from day one that he truly wants everyone to be welcome at the table. He really preaches equality for all and the president-elect asking Warren, quite possibly the most well-known evangelical, to be a part of the ceremony (among others he invited) underscored this.

Rick Warren just recorded this video to explain to his church his response to all the accusations and questions that have been directed at him in recent days:

I have so much respect for Rick Warren. I could not agree with him more. I respect his leadership and I am very thankful for the platform he has been given.

Click here to watch his video response.

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4 Responses to “Rick Warren on The Inauguration”

  1. # Blogger Rev. Joseph, Randi, Rachel & Rebekah Gormong


    I do disagree with Pastor Rick in his comment, "I am not opposed to gays having their partnerships, i'm opposed to gays using the term marriage for their relationship."

    What i disagree with is the first part. I believe the Bible is opposed to gays having their partnerships, we are not forcing anyone to act like we act, but we are standing up against sin. Love the sinner, hate the sin (that applies to EVERY sin.)

    Just my thoughts.....  

  2. # Blogger Bill A

    Just like Rick doesn't agree with everything that Obama believes, I don't agree with everything Rick believes.

    However, the truth is, the world needs more people with Rick's heart and Rick's willingness to do what he believes is right. I've been to his church several times, seen him at conferences, even gotten to talk to him personally a few times. I've always come away with the feeling that he's a good man, who is honestly doing the best that he can to follow Christ. You can't ask for anymore than that.  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Joseph - You make a good point and I agree with you, biblically speaking; however, I've heard Rick's opinions enough to know that he is not saying its okay for couples of the same gender to engage in sex even though what he said here can be misconstrued as such. Thanks for your thoughts.
    @ Bill - Agreed.  

  4. # Blogger Tim Liu

    OMG he just told bloggers to get a life. hahaha  

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