Last One to Leave

I am typically the last one to leave at church.   Sure, I'm a beautiful social butterfly... as some have described me, but I love people and I like chit-chatting after church.  I have never understood people that dart out the front door as soon as the pastor says Amen.  What is the point?  You could pretty much sit at home and watch a TV preacher for that.  The point here is that church is about community
I'll never forget Rick Warren stating at a conference I attended that "you can tell how healthy your church is by the number of folks who stick around when the weekend service is over." Simply put: people sticking around and hanging out shows a depth in relationships. And a depth in relationships and people getting connected leads to a healthy church community.

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2 Responses to “Last One to Leave”

  1. # Blogger THE(lovely)RESA

    man. i hate sunday morning church. i dart outta there a.s.a.p. & just go to get my quota for the week............

    ya heard? ha ha ha. ok, really, i just am a morning grouch & hate my church.

    the end.  

  2. # Anonymous roc

    When you love people it makes it easy to stay at church.  

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