A word to young men...

Does this mean anything to you?
你 們 要 先 求 他 的 國 和 他 的 義 , 這 些 東 西 都 要 加 給 你 們 了 。

This is actually Matthew 6:33 in Chinese.
Does this scripture mean anything to you? It means a lot to me.

When God speaks to your heart you never soon forget it. NEVER. I have been forever changed by the words he has spoken to me. Each word, phrase or whatever I've clung to... as if they were gold-laced. Over five years ago God spoke to me about something specific. It was about a woman. My wife-to-be. No, I didn't have one in mind (and still don't) but that is what I was praying over... and I'll tell you now what He said to me about it.

You see, for years I have prayed for a wife. I imagined what she'd be like. I dreamed of her hair color, eyes, how she would make me laugh (that's a MUST-have), etc. But its never come to pass. Doesn't mean it will not come to pass. God said it would... and I can take that to the bank.

Some people have trouble hearing from God. Others doubt He speaks or consider it very mysterious. All I know is, you KNOW when He speaks to you.

One day I was sitting in my chair at home and I was very upset with God. I did not understand why he had prolonged such a great gift. Most of my friends got married right out of high school. Many of my friends got married while in college. I've had many people try to set me up. Yes, several blind dates gone by. I even had a creative friend, who I worked with in radio, that asked me about getting dressed up in a tuxedo and wanted me to set a table up at a bridal fair at our local civic center to meet prospects. He thought it would be a great publicity stunt and maybe even secure a genuine prospect for me. Wha? Yea, I dropped him from my Myspace Top 8 real fast after that idea.

So I'm sitting there upset with God and demanded that he speak to me on this particular area of my life. Pretty soon He did. He simply whispered Matthew 6:33 to me. Actually, not the scripture... but the reference. Odd right? I knew I was not making this up in my head because at the time I had no clue how the scripture read. I bolted over to my desk, grabbed up my Bible and read these words: "But seek FIRST His kingdom and His righteousness, and ALL these things will be added to you." WOW. That is gold to me. I will treasure this scripture forever.

For five years I've been learning what it means to really seek His Kingdom. Perhaps I'll share that in future posts. For now, I wanted to share this-a very candid moment-with you, my readers. Some may ask "why would you share something so private publicly?" For a period of time it was very personal to me. Still is. But I've counseled many, many young men who settled for less than God's best or have dealt with depression over this very area in their life. My experience seemed to really encourage them. So I share it here, publicly. Hang in there young men (and might I add, young women)... seek God... and this too will be added to your life. May this scripture offer not only instruction to you as to what to do while you wait but also encouragement in your personal journey.


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  1. # Blogger Chris Depew

    That is a good word Terrance. Many young men out there need to hear this. I was very fortunate that God spoke to me about this early in life, but for many this can be a troubling time. You are doing great work out there. Keep it up, brother.  

  2. # Anonymous TimJ

    You dont know me, but I like to follow your blog & twitter- as a fellow YP.
    Really great entry Terrace- best Ive read in a while from anywhere. Keep it up man.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    TC, thanks for the transparency. Great words of wisdom and humility.  

  4. # Blogger Eric

    Terrace, my name is Eric Neely, I'm on Facebook if you'd like to look me up. I go to Regent University. I've had this same issue in my life. I turn 25 this month and I've only had one girlfriend. Ever since I was a little boy, growing up, nobody ever seemed to like me. They always called me the "f" word..."FRIEND." Although I should be thankful to be "just friends" with a girl, it somehow stabs me pretty hard. I actually dated one girl, and was very excited because she was really beautiful. Things got carried away and I lost my virginity with this woman. This happened about 7 months ago. When that happened, our relationship crashed, and two weeks after we had been broken up after she claimed, "I am not ready for a relationship," she is already official with another man and two months later they're engaged. I was so depressed that my doctor put me on Lexapro, an anti-depressant, which has helped quite a bit. I am totally over it now, but I recently went after another girl and we both admitted that we liked each other, I kiss her, then two days later she says, "I've been thinking...let's just be 'F'" AAAAHHHH! She said it, "Friends." I am so attracted to her not just physically, but honestly in a very spiritual way, but apparently the chemistry isn't there anymore. I don't want to get married just because my friends are, but because I feel that life is just passing me by. I am a Christian, I feel like my life has been good, I've sought God first, and still to no avail. I am very glad that you shared this verse with me. Maybe I need to try harder seeking his face, not just for the sake of getting those things that will be added unto me, but I want to seek His face because it's the right thing to do, to worship Him, not to receive any reward for myself but to present to Him my honor of worship. It's a struggle though and I'm having a rough season in my life.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Thanks for sharing. This is GREAT advice for young men- I think I'm going to have a couple guys I know read it.  

  6. # Blogger Shane Kennard


    This is from someone who chased after too many people and not after God. I tell students, chase after God and one day you will look over and find someone else running alongside you. That might be from a book I haven't read, but then picked up the quote from somewhere.

    To sabotage God in this process leads to the greatest disaster on the face of the earth. Two people becoming one tearing themselves apart. No greater disaster than that. That is why the disciples said, "If the relationship of a man with his wife is like this, it's better not to marry!"

    To those who find yourself like me and ashamed of chasing the opposite sex instead of God: Repent and find God's refreshing forgiveness and seek after him. You must seek him in righteousness--aka doing right. You cannot say you are seeking with all your heart and not obey here.

    I hope I haven't said too much to offend your readers. If I have, I'll send a nicer version.  

  7. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Eric - I wrote this especially with guys like you in mind. I've counseled a scores of men who have experienced the same but had the mentality that they miss their shot if they don't act quick.

    To some degree, yes, there needs to be great intiative on our part (many guys are just chicken)... but I wrote this to provide some insight on the instruction and encouragement during the excruciating waiting period.
    @ALL - Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad this post was helpful.  

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