Youth Ministry 3.0

Here is your chance to win a brand new book that is hot off the presses from my friend, Mark Oestreicher, Youth Ministry 3.0. This book won't be released to bookstores until February 2009 but you can go ahead and get your copy exclusively through the YS Shop online... er... win it here!

Here is what you do to get in on this little contest...

The book is called Youth Ministry 3.0 and is about how Youth Ministry has evolved over time and provides you with lots of thoughts on where we need to go from here. For this contest I thought it would be fun for you to come up with a throw back of sorts to Youth Ministry 1.0 or even 2.0 (which were never written) and the classic quotes from those books. Make sense? You are basically coming up with text that we might have found among the pages of YM 1.0 or YM 2.0. I might encourage you to provide mentions of what YM 1.0 or YM 2.0 type-ministry looks like, commentary on why that worked or did not-so-much work, etc. Be creative, be funny... and give it your best shot. After all, that may secure your FREE copy of this book! You can enter as many times as you like before the contest ends -- Friday, December 19, 2008 at 5.00PM, est [Entries only accepted in the comments form of this post]. Ready? Now, GO.

Two things:
  • If you have a copy, check out page 100 for a nice quote from yours truly. ;=)
  • My personal review of the book is coming soon! Stay tuned.

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    14 Responses to “Youth Ministry 3.0”

    1. # Blogger Adam

      On page 96 of Youth Ministry 1.0 you will find the quote, "Most adults see youth ministry in the same way they see mullets, they all like to stare, but no one wants to have anything to do with them."  

    2. # Blogger Marv Nelson

      Youth Ministry 1.0 All Nighter Overview:
      1. Absolutely need a DC Talk Lip Sync contest
      2. Make sure at 3am you have a HUGE Evangelistic talk, because the kids will be tired enough to accept the gospel
      3. Always have some type of food...Midnight pizza runs are amazing
      4. Around 2am, have a skit contest, where at least one of the skits is to some amazing Amy Grant music
      5. MOST IMPORTANT: Don't forget to invite them to church the next day  

    3. # Blogger Rob

      Youth Ministry 1.0...
      Two words: Carmen Concert. It's free, he shares the gospel, and raps. It will take your youth ministry to a whole nother level.

      Youth Ministry 2.0
      Students love songs with motions. Pharaoh Pharaoh, and From the Rising of the Son are just two examples. Also throw in Amazing Grace sung to the theme of Gilligan's Island and you have one kicking youth meeting.  

    4. # Blogger Barry v.

      This comment has been removed by the author.  

    5. # Blogger Barry v.

      Youth Ministry 1.0 quote (page 21 of 25):

      "With a little hard work and good old fashioned American know-how, you can turn those dirty hippies into happy, productive members of society and exchange the 'rock and roll' for good, clean Southern Gospel and hymns."  

    6. # Blogger Adam

      Youth Ministry 2.0 "Make sure you never let a student drive the bus even in the parking lot. Especially if your car is the only one parked there; it's not fun explaining to your Senior Pastor, the Board, and most importantly, your spouse, why a 15 year old drove the church bus into your car."  

    7. # Blogger gtbyrd

      In the Chapter entitled "Sing them in with Youth Choirs", the author points out, "There is no other growth engine like Youth Choir. Who would not want to dress alike in vests and long dresses and present a rousing edition of 'It's Cool in the Furnace, Man?'"  

    8. # Anonymous chrisweide

      Youth Ministry 1.0 includes tips and pointers on how to create and administer effective lockins that will inspire your middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. You'll see how programming and pizza will become key components to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the livces of adolescents at intense spiritual events like lockins.  

    9. # Anonymous Anonymous

      who wins?  

    10. # Blogger Marv Nelson

      Youth Ministry 1.0 Game Guide

      Go to the junk yard and get:
      1. Car Battery
      2. Metal stool
      3. Wires long enough to run from battery to stool
      4. Connect positive to negative and tape to stool
      5. Tell students that they will receive cash for the longest who stays on stool, and will be called "King/Queen of Electricity"
      (Seriously, this was in a youth ministry book from the 80's)  

    11. # Blogger Tyler

      From Youth Ministry 1.0:

      "Students today need to be scared straight. Rock music and violent television have forever warped the minds of young people. The Bible calls us 'un-warp' them! Make the fear of Hell your group's ultimate goal. How? Puppet drama."  

    12. # Blogger Adam

      This comment has been removed by the author.  

    13. # Blogger Adam

      Youth Ministry 2.0, "Remember, when you think you are about to go crazy never ask God for patience, unless you want kids of your own."  

    14. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @ALL - Thank you for some really great entries. These were very entertaining to read.


      "On page 96 of Youth Ministry 1.0 you will find the quote, "Most adults see youth ministry in the same way they see mullets, they all like to stare, but no one wants to have anything to do with them."

      Adam, please contact me by email with your full name and address - referencing this contest and I'll get your free copy of YM 3.0 out to you.

      [Contest officially closed].


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