Preaching Teams

I've always thought churches that have preaching or teaching teams were smart. The concept hasn't been around incredibly long, but I think it'll stick around for the long-haul. Pastors who preach 52 weeks out of the year and even speak for additional services - whether on Sunday evenings, Wednesdays or whatever are headed for burnout.

There are several pros, as I see it, to preaching teams:

  • It affords the lead pastor to take a little time off the platform (to rest, prepare for future series, etc).
  • It gives other staffers the chance to sharpen their speaking skills.
  • It helps build a little synergy between the audience or congregation and the other preaching\teaching pastors.

  • One of the things I've admired about Crossroads is that they have a bit of a preaching team. The pastor has just asked me to join that team so my preaching calendar is going on steroids. I'm looking forward to having more speaking opportunities this year but I'm also looking forward to sharpening my skills.

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    1. # Blogger Rob

      I agree. At Waters Edge it's more of a duo but I get to be very involved in the weekly teaching.

      Lets do lunch again soon. I would love to hear about the new job.  

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