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Yesterday I Googled My Name. I've done this before at the recommendation of Tim Sanders, when he suggested I do this to find out who is talking about me (and subsequently, encouraged me to send them a note to thank them if its positive talk). So I googled my name and the name "Terrence Crawford" came up (which I've never been called before) with over 1,240,000 hits. "TC" as he is commonly called (hmm... I am too, but I'm the original recipe) played basketball for Oklahoma State and appears to have had a very decent collegiate career.

You can learn some interesting things by just typing your name in a good ole search engine. What do you find when you google your name?

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  1. # Blogger Michael Bayne

    OK, I googled Michael bayne...I was on the front page 4 times...FB twitter linkediIN and my blog! BAM! take that google...

    my name brought up 400,000 places!  

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