Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • A literal mind-dump of everything thats happened in the last few days.
  • Easter weekend was amazing.
  • We had a great Crosswalk in Historic Yorktown. Saw a mass number of people come through for the spiritual experience.
  • Our alternative worship experience on Saturday evening was also very moving. The creative elements were incredible - including a crown of thorns made of barb wire.
  • The church was packed on Sunday for our Easter services. We had to add 12 rows of additional chairs (last I counted). Very encouraging to see so many people. Maybe they will decide to attend next week too.
  • A friend of mine told his congregation (on Easter) last year "you know we are open every Sunday." I thought that was funny.
  • I said "Happy Easters" from the stage on Sunday. I couldn't resist. People were laughing out loud on that one.
  • We had great services - with lots of creative elements.
  • Loved hearing the testimony of one of the ladies in our church whose husband was killed in Iraq. Her story is a message of Hope (in spite of great tragedy) and she told what Christ means to her. Very moving to close our Hope series.
  • I was invited to a couple of egg hunts but didn't get to attend any. Maybe next year.
  • My pastor and I had a great idea that we should hijack the helicopter doing one of the egg drops in the area and get them to drop some eggs on our campus. Sound like a plan?
  • An old lady rear-ended me earlier this afternoon. I was on the way to my pastor's home and was stopped at a traffic light. BAM! She hit me. No damage to my car or my body - thankfully.
  • I twittered the experience when it happened. Thanks for everyone who replied back to see if I was okay. Again, I'm very thankful nothing serious happened.
  • Was able to get a ticket to see Jennifer Hudson in concert on Sunday evening.
  • Enjoyed seeing her in concert. She covered a few songs - including one by Whitney Houston and another by Aretha Franklin. Girl can sing - just sayin.
  • She also supposed to perform on American Idol this Wednesday. By the way, I'm expecting Anoop Desai to go home this week.
  • My clock is saying its 3.00AM. I am a night owl but that is definitely wrong.
  • My alma mater contacted me about a new website they are launching. They are planning to list alumni bloggers - including yours truly. I can't wait to see who else is blogging out there.
  • Had a late dinner tonight. I'm stuffed!
  • Congrats to my friend, Laura Story, who has been nominated for 4 GMA Dove Awards - including Female Vocalist of the Year! Laura, I hope you win... You've got my vote.
  • Reading an advanced copy of Jud Wilhite's new book "Eyes Wide Open." Can't wait to blog about it.
  • Had on a polo shirt (with collar of course) on Sunday. Chuck thanked me for dressing up for Easter. Ha.
  • Hoping to catch my friend Tim interviewing Marko this week on his podcast. I'm typically busy and miss his show.
  • Have a friend (from Connecticut) visiting me this week. Gonna be fun.
  • Some students showed up at my door earlier and hung out for a few. Thats always cool.
  • Crawford out.
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