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I just mailed out some more FREE resources for leaders. In fact, I do this weekly now. I spent some time this week just calculating and have found that this year alone, 2009, I have given away more than $4,200 in FREE resources!

I love resourcing, equipping and networking leaders and feel that this is part of my calling. In fact, I feel God is about to take this to a whole notha level. I'm not sure what this will look like, but I can tell you that more often now resources and opportunities to equip and encourage leaders are coming my way and I wouldn't be surprised if next year at this time that figure I just gave you triples in number!

I have given away FREE books, FREE music, FREE training booklets and have even been able to get scholarships and FREE registrations for leaders to conferences. (Note: I'm currently running a week-long promotion to giveaway 4 FREE registrations to LifeWay's National Youth Workers Conference, valued at $145.00 each!)

The reality is, everything isn't free. There is cost involved in being able to resource leaders. I don't want to have to curtail spending or cutback on the number of resources I'm able to provide; however, this site and ministry operates on donations and sponorships.

If you have been blessed by this site in some way or would like to participate in being a blessing to others and would like to make a contribution, please utilize the donation link on the sidebar of my site. You can also mail a contribution to:, PO Box 2461, Yorktown, VA 23692. I'm doing something special for the first few contributions I receive after this post. The first 5 people to contribute $20.00 or more will receive a FREE CD & BOOK of choice from my warehouse! Thank you for your continued support of and please, tell others about this site. I'm excited about the future plans I have for this site.

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