The Nines has been selected as one of about 12 sites that will host THE NINES.

If you haven't heard about THE NINES yet...then listen up. This one-day conference is unlike any conference you've ever heard of...

  • It is specifically FOR church leaders (although anyone can attend).
  • You will hear from dozens of leaders (nearly 60+ speakers confirmed already!). But get this...each one will only talk for 9 minutes. That's it. They will bring one big idea to the table and deliver it right to you in just 9 minutes flat.
  • You don't have to travel anywhere to participate. Gather as a staff in a conference room or sit at home in your pajamas. Your choice.
  • You can watch it all day (recommended!), or you can come and go, tune in and out as your schedule allows.
  • It is totally FREE. You do have to register, but there is no cost and there are no strings attached!
I'm one of 1,500 participants that have already signed up to tune in. Please don't pass up this incredible opportunity. So sign up today, then tune in [here] on September 9th at 9:09am (CDT).

Special thanks to my good friends at The Leadership Network and Catalyst for sponsoring such an incredible event... and for making it free.

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