Get Published in 10 Days (or Less)

I have a number of friends who have written books (or plan to write one) and 100% of their content is straight from their blogs. Some of them have found the process quite difficult because of the process their publishing companies run them through.
If you are interested in publishing content from your blog you might try Blurb. This bookmaking software is easy to use and incredibly affordable. You can quickly upload content from your blog into professional templates and in 7-10 business days you'll have the finished product in your hands! You're welcome.

(ht to @kasdaniels)

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2 Responses to “Get Published in 10 Days (or Less)”

  1. # Blogger Brian Miller

    nice. thanks for the 411 on this...  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Brian - thanks for visiting the blog.


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