Ringing the Bell for Barry

I don't know Barry, but today I ring the bell for him. Barry wanted to celebrate his last chemo treatment today... and I rang a bell for him. The word "chemo" came home to me last November, when my mother (Rita) was diagnosed with Breast cancer. It's been a long journey already but I've seen God work in amazing ways in her life. She is such a trooper through it all. She's got 3 (treatments) down, 3 to go. Then a short stint of radiation. By summer I'm hoping to see her enjoying a vacation at the beach, her favorite place, with a full head of hair blowing in the wind. So Barry, even though I don't know you... I feel like I already do. And today, sir, I ring the bell for you.

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12 Responses to “Ringing the Bell for Barry”

  1. # Blogger e

    Heartfelt post. Sorry about your mother's situation. I wish you both well.  

  2. # Blogger Barry

    Thank you and best wishes to your Mother. I certainly was ringing for her as well today!

    By the way, my wife is a Crawford!  

  3. # Blogger Skip Simpson

    Thanks for joining in!  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ALL - thank you.
    @Barry - no kidding! That's cool.


  5. # Blogger Jasmine

    All the besat to arry, and to your mother too.  

  6. # Blogger Muddling Through

    Thanks for stopping by. Nothing is impossible with God!  

  7. # Blogger Sam!!

    Prayers for you n your mother.. God bless you n ur family..

    Between nice place to visit.. :))


  8. # Blogger Mr. Stupid

    Sorry to hear about your Mom's condition.
    I am sure she will be enjoying a vacation pretty soon...:)

    Have a good day!:)  

  9. # Blogger ♥ Braja

    Barry's an old favorite of mine, and a dear man... nice post, and nice to meet you :)  

  10. # Blogger Brian Miller

    clang a rang...glad you rang the bell for barry. and thanks for sharing your story as well. i wonder if many can say it has not touched their lives these days.

    good to see you around more as well. and making new friends.  

  11. # Blogger Baino

    I think we've all been touched by this little tribute to Barry bells and recovery and good luck to your mother I hope she comes through and has bells of her own to ring eventually.  

  12. # Blogger Bunch of Barrons

    I'll pray for your mom...hoping she has a perfect recovery!  

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