Red Skelton on The Pledge of Allegiance

I watched this video recently of Red Skelton reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This great communicator speaks to the meaning behind the words in the pledge. Even though this piece was filmed in the 60's, its timely for our nation today. How often have you heard the pledge or even recited it and blown right past the very meaning behind the words?

Thanks Red! May we remember this every time we hear or recite those words or see the Red, White and Blue.
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9 Responses to “Red Skelton on The Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. # Blogger willow

    Red was the best kinda red.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Miller

    great take on the theme terrance...wonder how many things we recite beyond th pledge without considering its meaning as well.  

  3. # Blogger Tom

    that's interesting--the big debate still goes on; i've no objections, but they probably shouldn't have added those two little words.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Huge Red Skelton fan, here. And great take on the Theme. Welcome aboard, Terrace :)

    Also a big Red Buttons and Redd Foxx fan, heh, heh...  

  5. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Willow - nice.
    @Brian - I considered this very thought too.
    @Tom - it all depends on your perspective.
    @Subby - thanks!


  6. # Blogger Rebecca

    This is amazing..and how very appropriate for these times, indeed!

    Thank you for posting this...!  

  7. # Blogger California Girl

    My dad ADORED Red Skelton and we never missed his show. My brother still does the Gertrude & Heaathcliff voices with his thumbs tucked under his armpits. What a great take on TT. Thank you. Also, thanks for visiting my blog.  

  8. # Blogger Jaime

    i was thinking more how many times i've heard people say the pledge of allegiance and blown the words  

  9. # Blogger Dreamhaven

    We all need a reminder
    In this day and age
    Of just what the words
    In the pledge has to say.

    Thanks for the memories.  

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