iPad Fun

Did you miss the unveiling of the new iPad by Steve Jobs last week? If so, you might have caught some of the fun surrounding the new product from Apple.

...and here's a great quote from SNL's weekend update I thought was pretty funny: "This week Apple released something new that does stuff that its other stuff already does."

Watch the Keynote with Steve Jobs [here]

So what do you think about Apple's newest product? Do you plan to get an iPad?
Me? I'll wait. They'll probably come out with a slim, compact version soon. Ha.
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6 Responses to “iPad Fun”

  1. # Blogger Matt @ The Church of No People

    Hey Terrence, thanks for commenting on my blog. Love the video. Pee Wee is awesome. Looking forward to reading more from you. See you around.  

  2. # Blogger Rob

    It's funny to see Pee Wee again. I def will wait. Tech stuff seems to have a lot of glitches in it at first. If I get one it will be after they've tweaked it.  

  3. # Blogger jake (to the) holla

    hahaha thats classic. i love the Funny Or Die exclusives.... but yes, I too will wait to see what becomes of the iPad.. as well as further updates and bug-fixes  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Yea, I'll not only wait for the tweaks -- but the drop in price too. =)


  5. # Blogger Jacob Ray

    agreeeed TC, i'm waiting til i can actually afford it haha  

  6. # Blogger Brett Barner

    I may be interested in the next version. Apple has a nice way of holding back features to be released in the next update.

    The Pee Wee vid was hilarious.  

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