We Are The World - A Version You Haven't Heard

Ran across this KILLER version of "We Are the World" just after hearing the remake by the celebrities you know and love. You simply MUST hear THIS version... which I actually like better. Both groups of artists (the amateurs and the celebrities) are donating all proceeds to Haiti, so its a win win.

I have a number of friends on the ground in Haiti now, as of Thursday. Click [here] to follow their journey and join me in prayer for them this week as they help with the relief work.

RSS Subscribers: there is video [here]
(ht to Ben Arment)

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3 Responses to “We Are The World - A Version You Haven't Heard”

  1. # Blogger Brian Miller


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That was a very nice version.
    Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time too.


  3. # Blogger Jen

    Amateurs spanking the pros...I love it!  

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