#Rapture: Harold Camping's False Alarm

Harold Camping is an idiot. Actually, the people who follow him may be classified as "idiots."
This man, whom most people had not heard of, predicted that the "Rapture" would take place this past Saturday (May 21) at 6:00PM. Over 100 MILLION dollars was donated to his organization (Family Radio) to promote this "Judgement Day" campaign. People sold their homes, cars, pets... all because they were "foolish or senseless" (that's the definition of an idiot by the way) and were led astray. I feel sorry for them. If they would have only read the scriptures for themselves instead of believing this guy.
One gentleman not only sold his home but emptied his entire life savings (a whopping $140,000!) to help promote the campaign. I am disturbed by this... and really feel a burden for someone so deceived. Yet Camping states that he has no plans to reinburse people who donated towards the campaign. This is injustice.
First of all, if you're taking in over $100 Million dollars can't you get a better website? I clicked over to Family Radio the other day and thought I was in the wrong place...

Then I decided to listen to the last recorded broadcast of Camping's radio show (prior to the "rapture"). You can catch the audio [here]. Around the 2.30 mark he starts to discuss the events that will unfold on May 21 in a rather monotone voice (might I add, after he cuts a lady off who was seeking salvation). That should have been the 2nd clue. I mean, if you KNOW the world is coming to an end wouldn't you display more emotion?
I also read a number of articles and posts regarding this thing. A couple of them stood out to me... 1) a post by Phil Cooke on what Harold Camping got right (which talks about what we can learn from Camping).... and 2) a post by Ed Stetzer where he flat out calls Harold Camping a false teacher (I agree Ed!).
Now this guy plans to swindle more people out of their money because he claims he was "a little off in his prediction" and has set a new date of Oct 21. Don't believe this for a second. Read the scriptures...
“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows." (Mark 13:32)
As I reflect on the last few days, the unfortunate thing is that I think I missed opportunities to speak the truth to teenagers about such false teaching. This past weekend I spent more time joking about "the world coming to an end" that I believe I missed many opportunities to clarify what the bible says about Jesus' return and a chance to pray for folks whose world did come to an end (those who lost their lives and possessions in the violent storms around the USA).
Let's seize every moment we have to speak the truth to people. Sure, we had some fun on twitter... and facebook... but I truly believe we might have missed (I know I missed) some opportunities to point people to Christ.
I'm praying for those who are truly seeking the truth... and for those who are now hurting because of this false teaching. I hope you'll join me.
Let's help prepare folks for the real judgement days and be ready to meet Christ. If we don't do this we might as well classify ourselves as "idiots" too.

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  1. # Blogger Brian Miller

    ugh tell it man...this guy is totally a false prophet and how many times do you have to get it wrong before people realize that...  

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