Big News: Doug Fields Joins the YS Team!

I think this year should be themed "expect the unexpected." God is moving ... and I sure hope I can keep up. More big news out of the Youth Specialties headquarters this morning... Doug Fields has joined the YS team!
Here's a quick video of the announcement:

I am really excited for Doug... and equally excited for YS. I don't think there is a person in Youth Ministry today that I respect more than Doug Fields. He has brought so much richness and depth to ministry to teenagers today and this will only enhance what YS can offer to youth workers.
Here's a little background straight from the press release:
"Fields served as youth pastor at Saddleback Church in Southern California for 18 years. Doug resigned in 2009 to focus on the growing demand of global youth ministry opportunities. He joined his mentor, Jim Burns, at Azusa Pacific University's HomeWord Center for Youth & Family where he teaches youth ministry and hosts his summer Student Leadership Conference for teenagers.

Essentially, Fields is returning to his roots at Youth Specialties. In 1986, Doug began a 20-year relationship with YS where he was a primary speaker and one of Youth Specialties' most prolific authors (including the best-selling Purpose Driven Youth Ministry). His early days with YS ignited his passion to launch Simply Youth Ministry from his family garage. SYM grew quickly and larger than Doug's desire to lead, manage and operate. Passionate about his own family and the local church he served, he looked for someone to take over the SYM operations. In 2006 Doug merged Simply Youth Ministry with Group Publishing to better manage what had become a leading brand in youth ministry resources."
When commenting about the decision, Fields said, "I was so happy that Group embraced 'my baby' and helped make it healthier. Now, 5 years later, I'm still very pleased that SYM has a great home! I know they'll continue to flourish even though I'll no longer be leading it." He continued by saying "I'm indebted to the years YS invested in me when I was a young youth worker and the thought of returning to invest in a new generation of youth workers makes me come alive. As I listened to Mark Matlock's plans for the future of YS my excitement only increased. I believe my gifts can compliment Mark's leadership and direction. I am very impressed with Mark's heart, passion, and vision for Youth Specialties. I'm honored that he's excited to work with me and look forward to partnering with him to resource youth workers around the world. Mark is the type leader I want to align with... YS is in great hands!"

Well there you go. Sounds like a HUGE win\win to me.

To read the full press release go [here]
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    I love it! Thanks for all you do man!  

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