Behind the Scenes: My Last 3 Days

I love "Behind the Scenes" stuff. If you want my attention just do a blog post, a TV-Show, a magazine article, etc... and I will be hooked! I've asked a few other people to do Behind the Scenes posts on their blogs, but I haven't ever done one myself so here's a look at my last 3 days of my life.
(Editor's Note: this isn't a 'normal' week... but it's a quick look at my week nonetheless))


(7:00 AM) - Shower, Getting ready for the day, Reading, Packing Car (for travel to SC)
(9:00 AM) - Quick breakfast
(9:30 AM) - Travel to South Carolina (for memorial service - my aunt passed away)
(5:00 PM) - Early Dinner with extended family
(6:00 PM) - Wake
(3:30 PM) - Arrival in South Carolina
(7:00 PM) - Memorial Service
(8:00 PM) - Visiting with extended family
(9:00 PM) - Travel to Parent's home
(10:00 PM) - Fell asleep in recliner... long day!
(11:00 PM) - Woke up and worked on weekly Youth Leader's Newsletter
(12:00 AM) - Finalizing message for this weekend's service
(2:00 AM) - Sleepy time


(8:00 AM) - Shower, Getting ready for the day, Reading, Packing Car (for travel to VA)
(10:00 AM) - On the road again!
(12:30 PM) - Lunch
(3:30 PM) - Arrival in Virginia
(4:00 PM) - Light house cleaning (final preparations for small group)
(5:00 PM) - Meeting with my Intern; working on direct mail piece
(7:00 PM) - Hosting guy's small group at my home
(9:00 PM) - Catching up on emails, etc; Working on; polishing future talk
(11:30 PM) - Sleepy time


(7:00 AM) - Shower, Getting ready for the day, Reading
(8:00 AM) - Running errands
(9:00 AM) - Travel to Richmond, VA for Innovative Church Network meeting
(10:00 AM) - Hearing Mark Batterson speak
(12:30 PM) - Met Mark Batterson; Lunch
(1:00 PM) - Hearing Mark Batterson speak
(3:00 PM) - Travel home
(4:30 PM) - Checking emails, returning phone calls; working on couple of projects
(5:00 PM) - 1 on 1 Coaching with Youth Worker in CO; quick bite to eat
(6:00 PM) - Shower and getting ready for next meeting
(6:30 PM) - Travel to Norfolk, VA; phone call with family on road
(7:00 PM) - Meeting with Chancellor of Columbia International University
(8:30 PM) - Travel home
(9:00 PM) - Working on side project for consulting group
(9:30 PM) - Composing this blog post (hope you like =)
(10:0o PM) - Texting friends
(11:00 PM) - Sleepy time

If you decide to do a Behind the Scenes post on your blog make sure you comment here with a link! I'll read it... and point people to your blog through my twitter (@terracecrawford)!

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