FREE Valentine's Lesson from @YM360

My friends at youthministry360 are giving away a FREE downloadable Valentine's Lesson to church leaders. It's a message the finding and living the real, amazing love that God has for us. You'll receive a handy Leader's guide that will show you how you can use the story of Ruth and Boaz to talk about the God-centered love that we read about in the scriptures. What a great message to share with students, who are bombarded with the broken image of love from the world!

If you want to download this freebie, just [click here].

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  1. # Anonymous Andy

    Just wanted to say thanks for always supporting ym360. You're a good one! (I mean, I would think that even if you didn't support us, but you know, it helps!) See you at SYMC!  

  2. # Blogger mmjiaxin
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