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Squidoo is ready to write a check for $80,000 big ones to charity. There is just one question: Which charity? Their site has seen more than 80,000,000 visitors and they want to give back. They have promised to give $2.00 to the charity YOU personally vote for... and after all is said and done they will have given $80,000 dollars away.

This isn't like those emails that state "AOL plans to give $5.00 away to every person you forward this to." No, this is legit. Visit this page, pick your charity and you're done. There is no catch. One vote per person, feel free to organize mass group voting... but do it by October 15th! I've already placed my vote.

(ht to Anne Jackson, Seth Godin)

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  1. # Blogger Joy Ely

    Did you look at the tally so far? The sad thing is that people will support causes they've heard of.... easier than checking out what the others are.
    And the ones they've heard of are charities that already get the lion's share of donations...

    I'd like to se one of the lesser-known groups get the money... and not the ferrets.  

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