The End of an Era

The news broke yesterday that youth ministry veteran, Doug Fields, has resigned from Saddleback Church.  Doug has invested over 18 years at the church, so I know he'll be sorely missed as a staff member but I'm excited about the new opportunities Doug will be pursuing. Here's a little exerpt from his letter on Saddleback's blog:
"What am I going to do? Well, there’s not another specific job” that I’m departing to, but I am leaving staff to pursue some incredible opportunities to express my writing and teaching gifts. What I’m really doing is what I’ve taught you to do-listen for God’s whisper and obey it! Several people have said, You’re crazy to leave a secure Saddleback Church job during this unstable market.” Humanly speaking, they’re right… following God doesn’t always make sense, but I know I need to do the right thing: listen and obey." -- Doug Fields

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  1. # Blogger Kyle

    I saw that yesterday. I have learned a lot from his resources and hearing him speak. I think it's great how he said he is just doing what he has taught others to do "listen to God". I think we all need to do that more.  

  2. # Blogger gavin richardson

    wow! good for him, but honestly, i thought he left saddleback years ago when simple youth ministry started to become what it is today. show's how in tune with the youth minister culture i am.  

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