Is America a Judeo-Christian Nation?

Is America a Judeo-Christian Nation? I guess it depends on who you ask. On May 6th, Congressman Randy Forbes (VA) addressed the U.S. House of Representatives on the House Floor in response to President Obama’s claims that the United States was not a Judeo-Christian nation. Congressman Forbes asks the questions "Did America ever consider itself a Judeo-Christian nation?" and "If America was once a Judeo-Christian nation, when did it cease to be?"

"Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, on April 6th of this year, the President of the United States traveled halfway around the globe, and in the nation of Turkey, essentially proclaimed that the United States was not a Judeo-Christian nation.

I don't challenge his right to do that or dispute the fact that it is what he believes, but I wish he had asked and answered two questions when he did that. The first question was whether or not we ever considered ourselves a Judeo-Christian nation, and the second one was, if we did, what was the moment in time where we ceased to be so?"
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I respect President Barack Obama and the office of the president but I must say I feel he misspoke here. While America seems to be accepting of all beliefs, you cannot deny our spiritual heritage and the Judeo-Christian principles and values our nation was built on. I applaud Congressman Forbes for taking a stand and for introducing this resolution, which would declare the first week in May as "America's Spiritual Heritage Week," dedicated to the education and appreciation of our rich spiritual history.

So what do you think about President Obama's statement? How about Rep. Randy Forbes speech and resolution?

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2 Responses to “Is America a Judeo-Christian Nation?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    On a scale of 1-15 this is awesome.
    I must say tho, it seems like we (this nation) can accept any religion except true Christians. We like Christians that just go to church and keep to themselves, if they are Christians at all, but the country doesn't like people who say "Hey, I think you missed this, we need to really look at this..." and then points them to the cross of Christ. In that since, we are not a Christian nation. But you can't deny the heritage, like this video pointed out so well. Thanks!  

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