#SYMC Speaker Notes: Francis Chan

  • The investment of my youth pastor was monumental.
  • No one probably knows this guy but he dug deep and poured into me!
  • He understood "discipleship."
  • He got fired from his job because of his "numbers." He chose to focus on discipleship.
  • We all need to get realllly focused.
  • Francis told a story about a drugee he witnessed to for a while, named "James."
  • He told how God worked on James without him.
  • It's ALL up to God... it is HIS power that works in us!
  • Psalm 27:4
  • We are not good "dwellers." ((see Psalm 27:4))
  • If I got a transcript of your prayer for the last month would it be full of distractions?
  • Are you in love with Jesus?
  • John 15
  • I'm a simple man.
  • People try to talk us out of our faith...
  • Remember when you were a kid and you heard Bible stories and just believed?
  • Do you really believe John 14:12?
  • "Whatever you asks in my name I will do," says Jesus.
  • Do you ever get squashed down about what you can't do?
  • Talk to God! Ask in faith! Believe!
  • Do you believe this book (holds up Bible) literally?
  • As you look at kids in the face, don't forget the supernatural... believe the book!
  • Have the faith of the centurion! Remember that guy? He said "Jesus... you can just say the word and he will be healed!"
  • What would happen if we had that kind of faith?
This post contains my notes from the general session at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

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